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Case Study: Preparing for a Full Mouth Restoration

Patient’s smile before and after a full mouth restoration

Are you embarrassed to smile, even with family and friends? That was the case with Bradley, who came to us needing a full mouth restoration.

Bradley was frustrated after years of multiple dental procedures, including root canals and fillings, yet still couldn’t bring himself to smile—even around friends and family.

“I didn’t like my smile. I thought it looked like hell.”

With a full mouth restoration, we utilized neuromuscular and cosmetic procedures (or sometimes a set of procedures) that restored healthy functioning to the mouth and teeth. While each case is different, a full mouth restoration can give patients back the confidence to smile—even at strangers!

Bradley understandably had concerns that further treatment would result in a smile he loved. That’s why we worked with him to build his personalized treatment plan and put his fears to rest.

“I look in the mirror daily and can’t believe it’s me.”


Bradley had a long history of dental problems, from discolored and cracked to worn-down teeth. His previous treatments included root canals and old fillings.

The condition of Bradley’s teeth and overall oral health prevented him from even eating comfortably, as his teeth failed to meet correctly.

A close-up of discolored, chipped, broken, and misaligned teeth

These issues made Bradley increasingly unhappy over the years until he finally realized enough was enough.

Encouraged by his wife, Bradley initially consulted with Dr. John Merrill at the NorthStar Dentistry for Adults office in Huntersville, NC.

Examinations and discussions

NorthStar Dentistry’s process, especially through these more prolonged cases, is vital in giving the patient as much input as possible.

Bradley was in complete control from the initial consultation to his teeth’ shape, color, and length.


After Bradley decided to seek treatment, his first appointment was with Natalie, our patient care coordinator.

“Meeting with Natalie to start helped me get some answers and move in the direction I needed to get where I am today.”

Natalie helped Bradley understand the process and encouraged him to explore the possibilities and discuss his needs and wants.

After discussing the options with Natalie, It was time for Bradley’s initial exam with Dr. Merrill.

This complete mouth exam included an intraoral preview (IOP).

Intraoral preview (IOP)

An Intraoral preview is an entirely custom temporary mockup of your new smile placed over your teeth right in our office for an immediate, real-life preview.

At our Huntersville practice, Dr. Merrill provides this hand-sculpted preview so you can try on your new smile before beginning your treatment.

A full oral exam

Dr. Merrill obtains all the necessary information to diagnose the overall health of teeth and gums with a complete oral exam. This exam usually takes longer than a regular check-up, as Dr. Merrill will collect and record a substantial amount of data.

Bradley was pleasantly surprised to discover that he did not have to lose all his teeth.

“Dr. Merrill explaining everything in detail was so important and spot on.”

After the oral exam and IOP, Bradley was back in the reassuring hands of Natalie to discuss the finer details of scheduling and finances.

Personalized Treatment Plan

Bradley’s personalized plan consisted of a full mouth restoration.

As we explained, a full mouth restoration seeks to rebuild and restore all teeth in the upper and lower jaws.

By taking a comprehensive or holistic approach to oral health, we can identify and treat multiple problems.

The aim is to ensure that your teeth, gums, bite, and jaw work together efficiently for optimal performance.

A full mouth restoration consists of many possible procedures depending on specific factors, including the following:

If a patient is confused or doesn’t understand any area of their treatment protocol, Dr. Merrill takes the time to address concerns and questions.

In all cases, NorthStar Dentistry provides a full discussion process before any procedure.

In some instances, these are more extensive, as with Bradley. The priority is that each patient feels confident in their treatment plan.

Final Outcome

At NorthStar, the patient is always in control throughout the process.

Patients can customize their smile’s color, shape, length, and other aspects.

Using temporaries, every detail is considered, and any changes can be discussed and made with the ceramist.

“Now going to parties, weddings, and gatherings with friends and family, I can smile and not feel embarrassed.”

A close-up of a completed full-white smile

We encourage patients to be involved in this process to ensure they receive the smile of their dreams.

“Dr. Merrill, Natalie, and the staff are wonderful, top-notch, and very professional.”

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