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Giving Back and Changing Lives as a Huntersville Dentist

Working with Aura Imports, Dr. Merrill is changing lives including Fundi's

Can one person really make a difference? You may have asked yourself this question when confronted with images of so many around the world suffering in some way. When Dr. Merrill crossed paths with humanitarian, William Aura, he understood just how much impact one person could make, and he wanted to share in changing lives too.

Life Changing Dentistry

As a restorative and cosmetic dentist in Huntersville, NC, Dr. Merrill knows the value of a beautiful smile in changing lives. He has witnessed firsthand the power of cosmetic and restorative dentistry to transform a patient’s confidence, personality, and life goals (read some of their stories!). Not only helping someone improve their appearance, but also the functionality and overall health gives Dr. Merrill a tremendous sense of satisfaction as a dentist.

But could this ability extend halfway across the world? That’s where Bill Aura and his story begins.

The Aura Imports Sponsorship Project

Seeing the poverty of the Tibetan people moved Bill Aura to dedicate his efforts to helping the disadvantaged. As a musician, he joined the global movement, Playing for Change, that seeks to inspire, connect, and unite the world through music. The global outreach program works to build schools in desperate areas of the globe. Check out some of their inspiring music videos!

In 2002, Bill founded the Aura Imports Sponsorship Project to promote education for Himalayan children. Through his company, Aura Imports, he contributes to the social and economic progress of people in the region by providing the tools they need to create handicrafts and market them online. Proceeds from the website help Tibetan and Nepali students.

To achieve their goals, Aura Imports seeks to unite impoverished students with individual sponsors, giving them the tools and opportunities they need to change their lives.

“Our company is committed to promote the social and economic progress of people in the Himalayan world by marketing their handcrafts in a just and direct manner. Fair-trade products enable artisans to live with dignity and invest in their families, communities and the environment.” — Aura Imports Facebook page

Fundi’s Story

William Aura approached Dr. Merrill in the spring of 2017 with the story of a promising young girl with some severe dental issues. Fundi and her grandmother were traveling 16 hours one way to see a dentist in Kathmandu! Despite their efforts, they were in desperate need of an enormous amount of dental care and expenses. Dr. Merrill was happy to pay her dental bills. You can read Fundi’s full story on Facebook.

Dr. Merrll's quote next to a letter from Aura Imports as a thank you for changing lives

Recently Dr. Merrill received a care package and personal letter of thanks from Aura Imports that reads:

“On behalf of all of us, we thank you for your gracious gift. Enclosed is a very special handmade temple bell from Nepal for your enjoyment.

Fundi and her family will never forget your kindness. I was with her on a recent dental visit in Kathmandu and she is doing well. Fundi and her grandmother take a 16-hour bus each way to see the dentist. This miracle is only possible because of you. I’ll keep you updated.

We are returning in September to finish five new classrooms for our school. Over 220 students and 11 teachers are now supported due to your good help. I want to personally thank you for your enduring friendship and heartfelt support of these righteous causes.

Together we are changing lives one heart at a time. Thank you for joining us on this adventure of love.”

— William Aura, Aura Imports Sponsorship Project

Dr. Merrill is changing lives… will yours be next?

Whether your life-changing experience is sponsoring a child in need or restoring your own smile, Dr. Merrill would be proud to play a part. His mission is to help all those who suffer unnecessarily because of poor dental health. Find out how you can help the Himalayan people by visiting the Aura Imports Facebook page. You’ll never regret your decision to make a difference in someone’s life.

To learn more about how Dr. Merrill can help you smile confidently, schedule a visit or call us at 704-450-6500.

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