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Are Dental Implants Painful? (It’s Probably NOT What You Think!)

Missing one or more teeth and considering dental implants?

You may be wondering – are dental implants painful?

Any dental surgery can feel daunting, we understand. The fear of pain keeps many people from getting the care and treatment they need.

You’d be surprised to know:

Getting dental implants is a lot less painful than you probably think.

Most patients claim that the procedure is much easier and more comfortable than they anticipated. It’s often surprisingly one of the most painless dental procedures they’ve experienced.

Still not convinced?

Don’t just take our word for it!

Check out these first-hand experiences from our two awesome dental implant patients, Bill and Kamrya.

Bill’s dental implant journey – “I would not hesitate to have implants in the future.”

“When we first started this journey, I was a little bit apprehensive, a little bit nervous, because when you think about implants, you think about an invasive procedure. But really, it has been amazingly painless. Well, maybe not painless, there’s a little bit of pain with anything that you do, but it was less than a lot of other dental work that I’ve had in the past… I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the end product. I would not hesitate to have implants in the future.”

– Bill, real dental implant patient of Dr. Bunn at Northstar Dentistry

Watch this video to hear Bill’s experience:

Kamrya’s dental implant journey – “Way better than what I expected!”

“Overall, my experience was way better than what I expected. Little to no discomfort the second day. The first day, very minimal pressure.”

– Kamrya, real dental implant patient of Dr. Bunn at Northstar Dentistry

Watch this video to hear Kamrya’s experience:

Will I feel anything during my dental implant procedure?

Not much!

At a minimum, we always use a local anesthetic to keep you completely numb while we place the implant.

In some cases, we also use sedation techniques to make the experience even easier.

Sedation dentistry is especially helpful for patients who suffer from dental anxiety.

If you are still feeling apprehensive about pain or concerned local anesthetic may not be enough for you, speak up!

We want you to be as comfortable and anxiety-free as possible.

How long will the implant procedure take?

The implant placement itself is relatively fast, and usually only takes one appointment.

We use state-of-the-art dental implant technology and techniques to ensure we can get you in and out of the chair as fast as possible.

Once your implant has been placed, it typically takes several months to fully heal.

This healing time is crucial because it allows the implant to integrate with your jawbone, creating a solid foundation to attach the crown.

By not rushing this process, we can ensure your implant will serve you for decades to come – if not the rest of your life!

The length of treatment and healing time depends on several factors:

  • If a bone graft is required for implant placement.
  • The number of teeth that need to be restored.
  • Your body’s natural healing process, which is affected by health, genetics, and age.

Once your implant has healed, we’ll attach the abutment (the connector piece) and your beautiful new crown (the artificial tooth).

You will walk out our door with a brand new smile!

Are dental implants worth it?

After many years of helping our patients achieve incredible results with dental implants, we say YES!

We hear over and over again from our patients that they were surprised at how easy the process was and that the results were far better than they ever dreamed.

Most patients testify that their confidence, quality of life, and overall health improve after successfully receiving dental implants, and are thrilled with their investment.

Check out this incredible before and after results from another one of our dental implant patients.

Before and after image of a real dental implant patient.

Why choose our restorative dentist for your dental implants?

If you’re wondering if dental implants are painful, one of the best ways to ease your fears is to visit a dentist experienced and highly trained in the procedure.

Our implantologist in Huntersville, NC, Dr. David Bunn, has advanced training in both placement and restoration of dental implants.

We also offer our patients the convenience of being able to complete their implant treatment – both surgical and restorative – right here in our office.

There’s no need for the added expense and time to go to an outside provider. For most patients worried about pain and anxiety, the ability to only work with one trusted office is a major breath of fresh air.

Numerous dental concerns? Rely on our full mouth restoration to bring back your confident smile.

Ready to restore your smile? We’d love to show you what’s possible!

Our friendly and supportive team is here to hold your hand through the entire process.

Schedule your dental implant consultation with Dr. Bunn today.

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