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5 Steps to a Happier Place

A journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step – Lao Tzu

While that proverb is certainly true, taking that first step can still be daunting. That’s especially so when you are heading into the unknown. In our veneers blog last month we talked about why you should not continue to just put up with a smile that you are unhappy about. Psychology Today emphasized the importance of a great smile by showing that a smile can:

  1. Make us appear more attractive and reliable to others.
  2. Lift our own mood and those around us.
  3. Even lengthen our lives.

Many who have been unsatisfied with their smile have hesitated to take any steps about changing it because they were unsure about how involved, time-consuming, and expensive the process would be. Well, we are here to help you take that first step by guiding you through what you can expect on your journey to a more satisfactory smile using porcelain veneers. It takes just five steps to reach a happier place with your smile.


Five Steps to a Happier Place

Step 1: Planning for perfection.

A smile makeover is a true collaboration — between you and Dr. Merrill and between Dr. Merrill and our fabulous dental lab. We will all need to work together to help you become the best YOU! First, you’ll discuss with us what you wish to fix and what you want your smile to look like!

Step 2: The Trial Run

This is the really fun part! We have several options that will allow you to preview what your new smile will actually look like before you fully commit to this treatment. Some of our methods may include:

  • We may create a life-size exact model and then using wax, add veneers to your teeth model.
  • Another method may be to make trial veneers to place directly on your teeth. That way you can try it before you buy it! You will only have them on while in the office, but it will give you a good preview to help make your decision.

Step 3: The prep work

Once we have agreed on a plan, your teeth will be prepared for the new veneers. Tooth preparation varies from polishing the teeth to removing tooth structure to allow room for placement of the veneers. Our overall goal is to remove as little tooth structure as possible and many of our cosmetic veneers options allows us to do that.

Step 4: Laboratory Artisans

After your teeth are prepared, an impression of them will be made. This will be the impression the dental lab techs use to replicate and construct your veneers. During the time they are being made (it can take a few weeks for more intricate restorations or we can place them the same day with some cosmetic veneers), you will be given provisional veneers. These will be cemented to your teeth to adapt to the new look and feel of your veneers. Once you have had time to adapt to the changes (often a week or two), we will invite you back to fine-tune the subtle details. We do this to ensure satisfaction with the final results!

Once you are satisfied with the provisional veneers, we make another impression to send to the lab, this will finalize your look so they can finish crafting your new smile.

Step 5: Cementing the Deal

After the veneers come back from the lab, they are bonded to your teeth. First, both your teeth and the inside of the veneers will be “etched” with a mild acidic solution. This etching process will open up tiny pores in both surfaces. Then, we apply cement to form microscopic tags that fit into these pores.

That’s it! Your journey is over. And it didn’t take a 1000 steps, only 5.

One of the best things about your journey? You don’t have to go alone. Our supportive, caring and fun staff will be with you every step of the way.

James R.

“I thank God every day that I met Dr. Merrill and his amazing staff! They are the best!” – James R.


You can read about James’ life-changing experience with Dr. Merrill and his fabulous team in his story – “This Was My Birthday Present to Myself.

If you are ready to start on your journey to a happier place with your smile, just talk with one of our friendly team members at (704) 450-6500 or contact us. Your journey awaits!