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Don’t Just Grin and Bear It!


Do you hate the color, shape, size, or spacing of your teeth? You’re not alone. Surveys have shown that over ¾ of us are unhappy with our smile. Most of us just grin and bear it, thinking the solution is too costly or too involved. But it’s not! There is a simple, affordable and satisfactory solution.

First let’s talk about why having a smile you feel confident about is actually very important for your success and happiness in life.

Showcasing Your Trademark! Your Smile

Your lack of satisfaction with your smile should be taken seriously. Your smile is your calling card, the first thing that people see and react to when they meet you. Sadly, because of flaws in their teeth some people are unable to smile with confidence and openness and even cover their mouths to avoid showing their teeth in public. It’s easy to see how these feelings of lack of confidence, self-consciousness, and even shame could affect their working and personal relationships, which they often do!

In many cases, the problems that people are trying to hide — staining or discoloration, worn-down or slightly misaligned teeth, or too much space between their teeth — can be addressed beautifully and easily with porcelain veneers.

Advancements in dentistry have been truly remarkable, especially when it comes to porcelain veneers. Not only have the materials used to make veneers improved tremendously, but so also have the abilities and skill sets of the dental professionals who choose to work with them. Dr. Merrill is very experienced and skilled at creating porcelain veneers that look and feel totally natural.

But really, pictures tell the story better.

Beautiful Results Speak For Themselves

Dentistry in Huntersville actual patient before and after.

Christy was not happy with her smile and the way her front teeth had chipped due to clenching/grinding and challenges to her bite. She wanted to freshen up her smile while brightening the teeth and making them look more youthful.

For Christy, Dr. Merrill felt that composite veneers were the best option. This is an ultra-conservative treatment that sometimes requires no tooth structure to be removed before placement of the veneers.

As you can see the results were beautiful and Christy was thrilled. She is a public speaker and having a smile she feels confident in sharing with others is very important.


Eve was never happy with the appearance of her smaller shaped front teeth. She had gone to another dentist years ago who had placed composite filling (bonding material) on the teeth. She wasn’t pleased with the shape and appearance of the restorations, but didn’t know there were more affordable options.

Dr. Merrill told Eve about composite veneers. One of the most outstanding things about this treatment option in that it can be completed in one day!

Eve loves her results and was so happy that Dr. Merrill took the time and effort to restore her teeth to their ideal shape.

Transforming Smiles, Changing Lives

It’s amazing the difference how much a few tweaks to an imperfect smile can make. We see every day how it affects our patients lives, both professionally and personally. If you are unhappy with your smile don’t just grin and bear it. There are easy, affordable and beautiful options available. Call us today at (704)450-6500 or contact us to make an appointment to talk with Dr. Merrill about what his experienced dentistry in Huntersville can do for your smile.

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