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A Dentist’s Guide To Good Food in Huntersville

More often than not, when people think of dentists, they seem to forget that we love ourselves a good BBQ every now and then. To set the scales straight as to what exactly your Huntersville dentists do when they aren’t working, here is a list of Dr. Merrill’s top 3 favorite restaurants around Huntersville!

Good Food & Good Times



Red Rocks

Nothing beats a good ol’ classic American meal at this delicious café, bar, and bakery. They feature unique infusions that highlight the best of America’s soul-warming cuisine. And coming from a father of 5, you should also know that they have very reasonable prices 😉





This place must be magical in some way. The fine folk at Smoke seem to have mastered the secrets of food and human taste by blending BBQ traditions with Southern comfort foods and Cajun/Creole-inspired dishes. Smoke Modern Barbeque is a casual, full-service neighborhood restaurant & bar, serving lunch, dinner and weekend brunches (including take-out and catering for parties). Oh, you just can’t miss out on the great “Carolina BBQ”!



Port City Club

This is casual dining at its best. People come to this waterfront restaurant to enjoy the outdoors and the simplicity of a meal done right with their most loved friends and family (or at least that’s the we get each time we visit). In wintertime, you can recline at the dinner table whilst watching snowflakes land on the surface of Lake Norman from the fully enclosed and heated deck.

See, Huntersville dentists know how to have a good time too! Dr. Merrill is a devoted husband and father of 5 children. When it comes to the quality of food and activities he exposes his family to, he makes sure he is giving them the best. Visit our community page, where he shares some great activities and restaurants to try around Huntersville.


Now over to you: what are your favorite places to eat around Huntersville?


Bon appétit,