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Fixing Bad Teeth: Gary’s New Outlook on Life

Before and blurred after photo of a patient’s teeth.

Do you find yourself searching for “How to fix bad teeth?” or “What’s the best way to fix bad teeth?

Is it because:

  • Missing teeth are plaguing your smile?
  • Broken teeth are keeping you from eating foods you love?
  • Speaking with others is difficult?
  • The pain is becoming too much?

No matter how long you’ve suffered, there is hope! Your damaged teeth can be fixed.

And we’ll prove it to you:

Today, we’ll show you how our patient, Gary, took back his life by restoring his smile.

Gary’s story

Gary was embarrassed and self-conscious about his smile and bad teeth. The last thing he wanted was for his smile to get even worse than it already was.

Tooth decay wreaked havoc on his mouth for years. So, when Gary decided to fix his bad teeth, there were a lot of obstacles to overcome.

Can a dentist fix bad teeth?

The first and most significant barrier:

Gary doubted a dentist could truly fix his smile.

But after hearing firsthand about our practice, Gary visited our website.

Our dentists, Dr. John Merrill and Dr. David Bunn, are known throughout North Carolina for their artistic and scientific eye for creating beautiful, natural-looking smiles.

While under his care, Dr. Merill’s patients know they’re receiving world-class cosmetic dentistry. He has over 20 years of experience, hundreds of successful cases, and an esteemed accreditation with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry… This text opens a new tab to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s website….

Dr. Bunn provides start-of-the-art comprehensive and implant dentistry with his knowledge and skills. During his intensive training, he earned an Implant Fellowship with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists… This text opens a new tab to the IOCOI website….

Learning about our dentists’ knowledge, skills, and training kept Gary interested in our services.

Here’s what got him in our chair:

Gary booked a consultation after seeing our real patient testimonials and smile gallery, proving what our dentists are capable of.

This was when our work really began.

Visit Our Smile Gallery Here

The best way to fix bad teeth: Start with a consultation

Our dentists and team used this consultation to build a relationship with Gary.

He received a comprehensive examination to determine the extent of his dental issues.

Gary’s exam revealed that many of his teeth were:

  • Broken
  • Fractured
  • Severely decayed
  • Missing

Then, we were able to recommend the best restorative and cosmetic treatments for his budget, timeline, and goal.

Here’s what Gary needed:

  • One tooth removed
  • Dental crowns to protect less damaged teeth
  • Dental bridges to replace the missing teeth

Of course, if you’re like Gary and have a hard time envisioning your new smile, you’ll also want a dentist who offers a smile preview like ours.

The intra-oral preview: Gary’s game changer

What is an intra-oral preview?

After all those years, Gary finally committed to repairing his smile because we took away the “what ifs” and left nothing to his imagination.


We created a temporary mockup placed directly over his existing teeth for an immediate, real-life test-run of his new smile, using an intra-oral preview.

Yes, Gary physically tried on his potential new smile ahead of time!

And to top it all off:

We talked Gary through every part of his customized treatment plan, so he knew exactly what to expect during the process.

Combining his customized treatment plan with the intra-oral preview allowed him to make a confident and informed decision to say, “Yes!

He knew precisely what the results were going to be and how we would get him there.

If you’re just as excited as Gary was to see your new smile with an intra-oral preview, then schedule your appointment with us today.


The reveal: Gary’s new smile

Complete before and after photo of a patient’s teeth.

Gary waited years to fix his bad teeth. Now he’s living with a healthy, complete smile.

He’s returned to eating all his favorite foods, there’s no slur in his speech, and the best part is – he’s living pain-free.

Gone are the days of hiding his smile.

Rejuvenate the function and beauty of your smile in Huntersville, NC

Beyond painful, broken, and decayed teeth lies a healthy smile to restore your confidence and rebuild your self-image positively.

With a permanent, natural-looking smile, you’ll:

  • Look and feel amazing
  • Eat your favorite foods again
  • Speak with confidence
  • Live pain-free
  • Laugh without worry

We know people don’t love having dental work done, so we go out of our way to make your experience convenient, comfortable, and rewarding. Plus, we have Dr. Steve – our therapy dog!

Ready to restore your smile? We’d love to show you what’s possible!

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