Smile Design in Huntersville, NC

Seeing your smile makeover is believing!

Fully visualize your new smile with your Huntersville dentist, Dr. John Merrill.

Not Sure if a Smile Transformation Would Make a Difference?

Our intra-oral preview can help you decide!

The journey towards a new smile can be daunting without knowing what your final transformation will look like. Our Huntersville cosmetic dentist, Dr. John Merrill, has you covered!

With an intra-oral preview, you’ll see a real-life sneak peek of what your finished smile will look like ‒ before any dental work begins!

Bonus: It only takes 20 minutes.

Why You'll Love Previewing Your Smile Makeover

Our intra-oral preview takes about 20 minutes from start to finish.
The process is painless and no preparation is required.
We work with you to adjust your smile to be perfect.
We place a trial smile over your teeth right in our office for an immediate preview!

45% of Americans Agree…

a smile is the most attractive feature people have – no matter how old they are!

A Smile Designed to be Uniquely Yours

Just as every person is unique, the features of your smile are unique to you. This is what makes cosmetic dentistry a real art. Smile design takes many factors into account to create your very own beautiful and natural smile. Some of those factors include:

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See the Results for Yourself!

Transform Your Life and Your Smile

Love your smile makeover with Huntersville dentist, Dr. Merrill. 

Your smile design must be customized by a trained dentist and can involve a variety of procedures.

Download our eBook and learn about all the treatments and processes involved in a smile makeover.

At NorthStar Dentistry for Adults, Dr. John Merrill can show you how investing in your smile will change not only your appearance but your whole life.

Get your eBook today and learn how Dr. Merrill can create your dream smile!

How Do You Choose a Huntersville Cosmetic Dentist Who You Can Trust?

A cosmetic dentist needs to blend a thorough knowledge of science, technology, and artistic design with education, training, and experience.

How does Dr. Merrill stack up?

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AACD Accredited
Only 400 doctors worldwide have this specialized training.
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Completed hundreds of successful cases in the last 20 years.
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Dedicated to providing excellent dental care.

Start your journey towards looking and feeling more confident with a smile transformation today!

Hear Real Patient Stories from Dr. John Merrill.

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A young flight attendant was injured and was going to lose her front tooth. She came into our Huntersville office devastated. We showed her the enhancements we could make to her smile if we treated not only the missing tooth but the other front teeth as well. She never conceived that her smile could look so amazing. We put a plan together that solved all her concerns and made her smile significantly better immediately. Now she is truly excited!

— Smile Design Expert, Dr. John Merrill

Profile photo of Huntersville Dentist Dr. John Merrill

We gave Earl a fabricated mock-up of his new smile. He sat up, looked in the mirror and yelled 'Holy crap! You can do this?' We responded, 'We just did.'

— Smile Design Expert, Dr. John Merrill

Profile photo of Huntersville Dentist Dr. John Merrill

A 75-year-old patient pleaded with me not to remove her temporary preview smile. She came back later and said that they lasted for the rest of the day. She said, 'At least I had my beautiful smile for one day of my life!' Her new smile is on the top of her wish list.

— Smile Design Expert, Dr. John Merrill

Questions You May Have

Click to reveal the answers to your most common questions:

  • Q. Who is a candidate for a smile design?
    A: Anyone who is frustrated or unhappy with their smile and is unsure if improvement is possible qualifies for a free cosmetic consultation with Dr. Merrill. Schedule an appointment to find out how we can help you get the smile of your dreams.
  • Q. How can I find the best cosmetic dentist?
    A: Anyone can say they are a cosmetic dentist, but only those accredited by The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry have achieved the highest standards of excellence in cosmetic dentistry. Dr. John Merrill is one of only 400 dentists worldwide rigorously trained and educated to provide exceptional cosmetic dentistry.
  • Q. How much does smile design cost?
    A: Every smile makeover is unique and must be customized by a trained dentist, like Dr. Merrill, to include several factors. We offer free cosmetic consultations at NorthStar Dentistry for Adults. Come and see Dr. Merrill, and he will plan your smile design and provide a cost estimate.

Please email any other questions you may have and we will be happy to answer them!

A Timeless Smile is Your Greatest Asset

Stop hiding yours and watch your world change.