Full Mouth Restoration in Huntersville, NC

Your Huntersville dentist can rejuvenate the function and beauty of your smile.
An older couple considering full mouth restoration

Why Would You Need Full Mouth Restoration?

Over the years, our teeth change. A full mouth restoration at our Huntersville dental office can undo years of wear, damage, or decay.

Have you lost the proper function of your teeth for the following reasons?

  • Missing teeth from decay. Focusing on other priorities may mean your smile was neglected. Now you’re faced with gaps in your smile that make eating your favorite foods a challenge.
  • Severely worn teeth. The long-term effects of a stressful job, family anxieties, or medical issues can slowly erode healthy teeth. Clenching and grinding (bruxism) can wear down your teeth or change your jaw position and bite.
  • Previous injury. The initial repair from physical trauma, like a fall or sporting activity, may be failing. Advances in cosmetic and restorative dentistry can hide and fix the damage for good.
  • Jaw pain and headaches. If you experience chronic headaches, jaw popping or clicking, and jaw muscle soreness, you may require bite adjustments (occlusion) to end your pain.

Unlike our elective smile design treatment, a full mouth restoration (also called full mouth reconstruction or rehabilitation) is something you need. Learn more about how Dr. Merrill and Dr. Bunn can restore your smile to a youthful and healthy condition.

Discover the Benefits of Full Mouth Restoration

You're going to fall in love with your smile all over again!
Prevent Future Expenses
Stop the endless cycle of unexpected dental problems and expenses and start fresh with your entire smile!
Improve Your Health
Optimal oral health leads to greater overall wellness, improved digestion, and boosted self confidence.
Enjoy the Foods You Love
Stop restricting what you eat or drink and savor every bite by repairing your missing or damaged teeth.
Be Yourself Again
You have plenty of life to live! Why not live it up and restore your smile’s youthful appearance and operation?
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The Full Mouth Restoration Process

A full mouth rehabilitation or restoration rebuilds and restores all your teeth in both the upper and lower jaws. By taking a comprehensive or holistic approach to your mouth, your dentist can identify and eliminate multiple oral health problems. The goal of full mouth reconstruction is ensuring your teeth, gums, bite, and jaw all work together harmoniously for optimal function.

  • Step One: Initial Consultation

    Dr. Merrill or Dr. Bunn will perform a comprehensive examination to determine the extent of your dental issues and the restorative or cosmetic treatments that are necessary. In this discovery phase, he will ask questions about your oral and medical history, lifestyle, habits, and hygiene routine without any judgment. He will examine:

    • Your teeth: Your dentist will note any decay, wear, cracks, chips, and esthetic appearance of your teeth.
    • Your gums: The result of poor dental hygiene is often periodontal or gum disease. To create a solid foundation for your smile, your gum tissue needs to be healthy.
    • Your bite: The way your teeth fit together (occlusion) can impact your overall oral health and may contribute to premature wear or TMJ disorders.
    • Your appearance: A cosmetic dentist can bring together restorative treatments and artistic design to create a smile you’re ecstatic to show off. Dr. Merrill or Dr. Bunn will consider your lips, gum line, face shape, and profile for your full mouth restoration.
  • Step Two: Treatment Plan

    Dr. Merrill and Dr. Bunn will use their extensive training and experience to develop a personalized treatment plan for you. This includes utilizing digital x-rays, a CBCT scan, impressions, and information gathered at your comprehensive exam.

    Your full mouth rehabilitation may involve any of the following cosmetic or restorative procedures:

    Your treatment plan may involve several steps to achieve full restoration. If you don’t understand any area of your treatment protocol, Dr. Merrill will take the time to make sure your concerns and questions are addressed.

  • Step Three: Treatment Phase
    Just as it took months or even years to reach this point of disrepair, it may take several months and multiple office visits to bring your smile back to its original condition. Dr. Merrill and Dr. Bunn will listen to your concerns and budget limitations to create a treatment plan that works for you.
  • Step Four: The New You
    Our highly trained and experienced cosmetic and restorative dentists will ensure your results are nothing short of stunning. Your transformation will be so natural, people will never know you had work done. Your new life will start with a confident smile and continue for years to come with restored function and beauty.
Happy couple after full mouth restoration
Smile Results from Your Huntersville Dentist

Why Choose Northstar Dentistry For Adults for Full Mouth Restoration?

Because you want a skilled dentist with extensive experience.
Extensive Education
Dr. Merrill is accredited in advanced restorative and rehabilitation treatments and studied extensively in three out of the four schools of occlusal therapies.
Superior Esthetics
As one of the few AACD Accredited dentists worldwide, you can trust Dr. Merrill to create a smile that looks perfect on you.
Real Patient Experience
For over 20 years, Dr. Merrill has helped the Huntersville community restore their mouths to optimal condition. Don’t you want to be next?
Preview of our free eBook to help you shoose a cosmetic dentist for your full mouth restoration titled "Not Every Cosmetic Dentist is Worth of Your Smile?

Why Choose an AACD Accredited Dentist?

Trust your health, smile, and investment to a skilled expert

As an AACD accredited dentist, Dr. Merrill has undergone rigorous testing and many hours of continuing education. As his patient, you can be confident that he is one of the best. In fact, there are less than 400 AACD accredited dentists in the world. You are in good hands!

Download your free copy for tips on choosing the right cosmetic dentist for you! 

‘‘This by far has been the best dental experience I have ever had. The staff is pleasant, the office is very nice, and the dentist is amazing. They explain things to me like no one else has ever done. This will be my home!’’

Courtney A., Actual Patient

‘‘I can honestly say this has been the best dentist office experience I have ever had! I cannot say enough good things about the staff! Dr. Bunn and Amber were so patient with me and took the time to answer all my questions!’’

Chantae S., Actual Patient

Not Sure if Full Mouth Restoration is for You?

Let our Huntersville dentist answer your top questions.
  • How much will full mouth restoration cost?
    We understand that budget is a factor, however, Dr. Merrill and Dr. Bunn feel cost should not be your primary concern. We aim to improve your long-term health and well-being while recommending only dental treatments we believe are necessary. Every full mouth rehabilitation is different. After your initial consultation, we will thoroughly inform you of what we find and answer any questions you have. We can develop a plan that prioritizes treatment and fits your schedule and budget.
  • What financing options are available?
    Northstar Dentistry For Adults accepts many dental insurance policies and offers flexible payment options, including credit card payments and CareCredit. If you don’t have insurance, you can join our dental membership savings plan!
It's Time to Start Living Your Real Life!
Stop dreaming about a healthy, functional smile. We can make it a reality!
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