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Karen S.
Dr. Merrill and his staff are caring and professional and their office is so warm and inviting. You know you’ll be well taken care of the minute you sit in the patient chair. Dr. Merrill and his wife, Natalie, restored my mouth and smile back to health!

They are passionate about what they do and take great care of making you feel comfortable with the work being done. I had leaking gold crowns with amalgam fillings underneath from my youth that were decaying and unhealthy; two of those were fractured and one had an abscess that needed attention. It was amazing how my mouth felt so much healthier when the crowns and fillings were removed! I also have three implants that they restructured for a seamless fit where the post meets the gum tissue.

Their lab technician worked meticulously building each tooth to be sure everything looked natural. They knew I was a clencher and also built me a heavy-duty night guard to protect my new smile. Dr. Merrill is very knowledgeable with years of experience and is dedicated to giving his patients a confident smile that will last. I am very humbled by the amount of time and care they spent on my case and grateful for my new, healthy smile! If you are searching for a dentist that goes above and beyond, I highly recommend Dr. Merrill and his staff! They are changing lives one smile at a time 🙂

Linda M.
Dr. Merrill is by far the most impressive dentist that I have ever met, and with my dental history, I have met and been treated by many dentists. Dr. Merrill has the educational background and work experience to deliver the most comprehensive and complex Cosmetic, Reconstructive and Restorative Dentistry that one could ever want or need. He completed a full restoration on my teeth, which involved working on some very complicated issues, and he did a phenomenal job.

I was first introduced to Dr. Merrill by the specialist who was treating me for two autoimmune disorders that had been recently diagnosed. Both conditions had a profound adverse effect on my teeth and supporting tissue, and had been causing some pretty serious problems. I had also learned that I had decay under some of my crowns that I had replaced some five years before when I elected to have a complete dental restoration. Even though I am extremely diligent about proper dental brushing and flossing, I have had recurrent problems with decay for several years, and most of my teeth have been crowned and re-crowned multiple times. While I realize that the autoimmune disorders contributed to my problems, Dr. Merrill determined that how my teeth fit together in my mouth was also a contributing factor. During my restoration, Dr. Merrill corrected the construction and placement of my teeth, to give me teeth that are smooth and uniformly spaced and are much easier to keep clean. He changed the size, shape, and color of my teeth, which is something that I’ve wanted for a long time. In fact, these were requests that I made during my prior restoration but didn’t get.

Dr. Merrill is extremely professional but is also very personable and caring. He goes out of his way to get to know his patients, to learn their personalities, and to find out what they want to achieve in the work he does. His goal is perfection. He surrounds himself with the best technicians and with state of the art equipment in order to get the best result possible. He asked me about the color, size, and shape of teeth that I wanted, and while I could tell him that I wanted very white teeth, but didn’t want to blind anyone and that I would like my teeth to be bigger, I had no idea what color of white would look good, or what size or shape of teeth that I needed. I left those decisions to him, and I think everything he did turned out perfectly. That really takes experience and artistic ability. I absolutely love the color of my teeth, I love the shape, and I love the size. I don’t think it could be any better. What Dr. Merrill has done has given me so much more confidence than I have ever had before. I love to smile now because I know my teeth are beautiful. I have received so many compliments.

It was a lot of work for Dr. Merrill to get me where I am today. I know that this was no easy undertaking for him, and I’m not sure another dentist would have ever taken on this project or would have been qualified to do so. No other dentist has ever mentioned trying to correct the structure of my teeth from the floor up. Instead, each tooth has been crowned or re-crowned in the same position, with crowns that fit the same way as the originals, which maintain the same problems that were there in the first place. These are the problems that may have caused or contributed to the tooth decaying that required the crown to be replaced!

Dr. Merrill, in my opinion, is a superb dentist. Before I met him, I was facing the prospect of ultimately losing many of my teeth to tooth decay, as many people with my autoimmune disorders do. However, I am much more optimistic now that Dr. Merrill has corrected my structural problems and made it easier to keep my teeth clean. The dental specialist who treats my autoimmune disorders have been amazed at the improvement in the condition of my oral tissue since my restoration.

I would highly recommend Dr. Merrill to anyone who is looking for a dentist who is professional, caring, and is highly driven towards rendering excellent dental care.

James R.
Many years ago I cracked my front teeth while biting my nails. I was in the process of relocating from New Hampshire to North Carolina and I was very nervous about leaving my hometown. I went to my dentist up in New Hampshire and he just said to me “ready for your new smile?” and shaved down all my front teeth. I was mortified! I never went back to a dentist again! Years later I was working in a hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina and we were just about to start a procedure on a patient when she smiled at me, I took a step back and said to her “WOW! How did you get your teeth to look like that? The patient said “my very best dentist Dr. Merrill with NorthStar Dentistry for Adults” Just before we put her to sleep for her procedure I asked her for his phone number. The next day I had off I called Dr. Merrill’s office and made an appointment.

I must tell you that Dr. Merrill changed my life! Ever since my old dentist destroyed my front teeth, I never wanted to smile anymore. If I would laugh, I would always cover my mouth so people could not see my teeth. I was always so embarrassed about how my teeth looked. It really destroyed my personality.

Now after Dr. Merrill’s artistry on my teeth I feel like he gave me my face back. My teeth now look like they used to when I was younger. It is amazing that Dr. Merrill has the ability to change someone’s life in just one visit to his office. I went into his office looking depressed and hiding my mouth and when I left his office I was smiling from ear to ear! I could not stop looking in the mirror about how this doctor gave me back my face, and confidence, feeling proud of myself, and not wanting or even trying to hide my face from people anymore. Dr. Merrill and his amazing staff are just that…..Amazing!!! They are so friendly and they greet you every time you are there, everyone at Dr. Merrill’s office is so wonderful. I highly recommend Dr. Merrill with NorthStar Dentistry to everyone. I even put his flyers and business cards in the break room at the hospital I work at. I thank God every day that I met Dr. Merrill and his amazing staff! They are the best!

*Credit – RealSelf

Theodore S.
I am a CPA who has devoted his practice to the dental profession. I have known Dr. John Merrill as a client and friend for well over twenty years. As an advisor to dentists, I get the chance to be in over 200 dental offices every year. John has always been one of the best dentists I work with. I have observed patients in his practice receiving extraordinary care. John is one of the best clinical dentists I have ever met.

Perhaps one of the reasons John is good at what he does is that he has first class listening and communication skills. He works hand in hand with his patients to find the right solution for each individual patient. John’s devotion to assisting patients in lifelong dental health makes it easy for the patient to know that he has your best interest in mind. Making the decision to choose Dr. Merrill as your new dentist will be one of the best decisions of your life.

Theodore C. Schumann, CPA, CFP®

President, Dental Business Services, Inc

Dennis C.
I am a long time resident of Charlotte and have been challenged with dental issues all my life so I am quite familiar with dentists and the discomfort usually associated with my visits. I am writing to express my appreciation for lack of pain and gratitude for the wonderful service you and your staff have given me over the last six years. When I first came to your office for evaluation, my mouth was quite a mess. You took on the challenge of giving me a great smile and have succeeded. Today I am a testament to your dentistry skill and the fact that I want no other dentist to touch me speaks to your skill with patients. Dr. Merrill, thank you for returning my smile and in fact improving on the original. – A fan for life!
Carol F.
I want to thank Dr. Merrill and his lovely wife Natalie for giving me a younger appearance. I saw him for a complete reconstruction of all my teeth. Growing up in an era that was “see a dentist when needed” and silver was the only choice, I had a mouth full of old huge dark fillings. After a pleasant and complete exam, Dr. Merrill explained how he could change the appearance of my teeth and my smile! I didn’t realize that a nice smile could melt years off my face. Thank you for making it painless and convenient. Not saying I want to do it all again but I do wish I had done it earlier!
Paul H.
I am a dentist and I chose Dr. Merrill as my dentist because I know he has exceptional skill and judgment. Dentists (like me) are not easy patients to treat – we tend to be too fussy. It’s like if you are a hair stylist, who do you trust to style your hair? With Dr. Merrill, I know my dental work will be better than if I did it myself!
Bruce F.

As a leadership consultant for over 35 years, and as Dr. Merrill’s patient, I wrote an article about Dr. Merrill in which I said, “John Merrill, DDS is rated at the top of his profession, where excellence is measured in aesthetics, precision, and continuous referrals from colleagues and patients. He specializes in reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry…”

I could not imagine a better outcome to my dental case or a better experience throughout. Dr. Merrill is an extraordinary dentist and a great human being, and I can recommend his services without reservation.

The entire article, entitled “Executive Leaders Worth Emulating: John Merrill” can be found at Executive leaders worth emulating john-merrill

‘‘I had the most positive and unique experience today at Northstar Dentistry. This was my first visit. I was warmly greeted by Haleigh and Peggy. They genuinely took an interest in getting to know me, asking about me and my family. Dr. Merill was wonderful, knowledgeable, professional and down to earth. He gave me hope that with the proper treatment plan we could get my teeth back to looking and feeling good. He was able to repair one of my teeth that had been giving me a lot of problems. I can't wait until my next appointment! When was the last time you were excited about going to the dentist?’’

- Robert Lawson

‘‘If I could give Dr. Merrill and their staff 10 stars out of 5 I would. Going through the process of getting my teeth redone with porcelain veneers has been a breeze with them. The end product is amazing!!! Natural looking to the point that friends only think I've had my teeth whitened. I can't express how it's changed my life and Natalie and Dr. Merrill were there every step of the way. Hands down the best in every aspect.’’

- Laura M., Actual Patient

‘‘Without Dr. Merrill and his awesome team I would still be embarrassed to smile. I now have a new found confidence and feeling of self-worth to go along with my bright, big beautiful smile. Not only due to the excellent dental work but because of their kind words, positivity, and encouragement. I will never go to another dentist. I absolutely love the Merrill's and their team!’’

- Amanda P., Actual Patient

‘‘This was the cleanest, kindest, most professional, and caring dentist I have ever been to. The main dentist himself, his wife, and all of his staff that I came in contact with were super sweet and patient and also considerate. This office has many little perks that just make your experience comfortable and wonderful! Everything from the all natural chapstick they gave me when my lips were dry during my procedure, to a salt scrub in the bathroom for your hands and a Keurig in the front office, it feels as cozy as a dentist office can.’’

- Makayla E., Actual Patient

Dr. Steve, the dental therapy dog at NorthStar Dentistry for Adults

And we can’t forget about Dr. Steve:

‘‘I had Steve, the therapy dog, in my lap the whole time. It doesn’t get any better than that!’’

- Mary F., 5-Star Google Review

‘‘I also love their therapy dog, Steve! What a great way to make people feel more relaxed at the dentist.’’

- Hannah C., 5-Star Google Review

‘‘ The best part is Steve, the sweetest therapy dog ever! Best dental experience I have ever had!’’

- Carrie K., 5-Star Google Review

‘‘I absolutely love Steve, the therapy dog!’’

- Tiffany T., 5-Star Google Review

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