How Old Is Too Old for Invisalign? (Real Patient’s Story!)

A man and woman smiling. Text: Straighter teeth with Invisalign. It's never too late for your dream smile.

Have you ever felt like it was too late to start something you’ve never done before?

More specifically, we’re talking about using Invisalign® treatment to straighten teeth.

Many of our adult patients tend to wonder:

“How old is too old for Invisalign?”

The short answer:

There’s no specific age limit for Invisalign.

In this case study with Carlston, we’ll show you why it’s never too late… This text opens the Invisalign for Adults page in a new tab … to bring your dream smile to life.

Why Carlston needed a new smile

Carlston never had braces when he was younger.

He was unhappy with the large spaces between his teeth and had baby teeth that needed to be replaced.


Carlston was concerned it was too late to correct his smile.

Not to spoil the happy ending, but it wasn’t too late to give him a smile he’s proud to show off!

Keep reading to find out how we did it.

How we improved his confidence with a successful cosmetic treatment

before and after Invisalign treatment of a smile with gaps and baby teeth

So what exactly did we do to take the before picture and turn it into the after picture?

Step 1: We started Carlston’s Invisalign treatment to begin moving his adult teeth into ideal positions and close the gaps in his smile.

Step 2: We removed his baby teeth and placed dental implants that matched his surrounding teeth for a natural-looking smile.

Step 3: Carlston continued his Invisalign treatment and routinely kept up with his appointments to ensure everything was working smoothly.

Step 4: He finished his Invisalign treatment in time for his wedding day and was able to show off his brand new smile in his wedding photos!

If you’re an adult wanting to straighten your teeth like Carlston, then you probably have more questions about Invisalign treatment.

In this quick Q&A below, you’ll get the answers to popular questions, including costs, timeline, and more!

Can older adults get Invisalign?

Yes, there’s no age limit. Older adults can get Invisalign!

In fact, treatment works well with adults because they comply with wearing the aligners regularly.


The most significant factors that determine if you’re a candidate are:

  • Healthy gums and teeth
  • Case complexity

Complex cases are often best suited for braces, and having healthy gums and teeth determines how well Invisalign would work for you.

Keep in mind, though:

Having straight teeth benefits you at any age!

How long does it take for Invisalign to work?

Invisalign treatment can work in as little as weeks.

You’ll be able to see a difference in your smile even with your first sets of aligners.


The most important part of seeing a difference in your smile is keeping up with the compliance behind your aligners!

This means you need to wear your aligners for the required amount of time, usually a minimum of 20 hours per day.

Can I get Invisalign even with dental restorations?

Yes, Invisalign works with your restorations, too.

You can get Invisalign if you have:

Invisalign is preferred over braces in this case, too, because we don’t have to bond those pesky metal brackets to your restorative work.

Our dentists use the latest technology to ensure your treatment is effective and safe while also achieving your ideal smile.

Does Invisalign change your face shape?

Our patients will be happy to know Invisalign can help you look years younger.


Invisalign treatment repositions your teeth and realigns your bite to better support your facial structure and prevent premature aging or sagging skin.

It improves both your physical appearance and overall health!

How much does Invisalign cost?

Invisalign treatment costs vary for each patient.

The good news:

The cost is comparable to the price of braces, and dental insurance with orthodontic benefits typically covers Invisalign!

Some factors that affect costs include:

  • Length of treatment
  • Number of clear aligner replacements
  • Number of routine check-ups needed

If you’re located in the Huntersville area, NorthStar Dentistry for Adults is proud to offer affordable financing options so you can receive the dentistry you deserve without stress.

Are you ready to love your smile with Invisalign?

Join Carlston and the 10+ million others who have straightened their smile with Invisalign!

Doubtful of the results? Experience our smile design and preview your transformed smile ahead of time.

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